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Laura and Matt LaVoie

Topic: Buy A Beer, Ask Me Anything!

Laura and Matt LaVoie spent 3 years building their tiny house in the mountains of Western North Carolina before quitting jobs in Atlanta and starting their new tiny adventure in 2012. Today, they are active in the movement to legalize tiny homes in North Carolina and beyond. They travel the country to speak about tiny houses, the impact on communities, and the philosophies behind tiny living. Laura is the author the blog Life in 120 Square Feet and two books on tiny homes, 120 Ideas for Tiny Living and Life in 120 Square Feet: The Essays, as well as a book about beer, called How To Drink Craft Beer: A Beginner’s Guide. When not traveling or speaking about tiny houses, Matt and Laura love to explore the craft beer culture of Asheville NC and engage in general nerdery.

Libation support provided by Mother Earth Brewing

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