Kenny P.

Kenny P. (Ken Pengal) is a soulful singer/songwriter from just east of Cleveland, Ohio. Kenny P. grew up in a very musical family where as a child, he performed in “The Singing Angels Choir” as well as a number of school choirs and local bands. After high school he left for Arizona to study music theater and vocal performance. He later moved back to the Cleveland area and joined a Top-40 cover band with family and friends. He remained in Cleveland for 6 years performing solo, acoustic, and with the band as their lead male vocalist.

He and his wife, Nicole (though most people call her Coli) married in 2014. Together in Ohio, they hosted local jam nights and spent time helping local musicians. Their jam night at the Local Tavern in Mentor, Ohio, earned “Best Jam Night” in Cleveland Scene Magazine in 2015. That same year Kenny P. released the album “Holy Hell” and hosted an epic release party where he invited family and friends to hear the stories behind his original music.

In the early part of their courtship, Kenny and Coli often visited Nashville, TN and ultimately fell in love with the city! They talked about moving there someday and to make it happen Ken began to research the tiny house movement in the hopes he could convince his bride it was an adventure worth going for! At the time he worked for an outdoor building supply company and was working with a customer building his very own tiny house in the area. Ken mentioned the idea to his wife, and being the type of gal who is typically up for an adventure, they watched a tiny house documentary and decided that was the answer! The duo started their tiny house build immediately after getting married. They purchased their custom trailer, worked on various floor plans, and gathered family and friends (albeit some more skeptical than others of the whole idea). You could often pass by the “Pengal’s driveway” and see dozens of folks with hammer and nail in hand, piecing together what was shaping up to be a beautiful, but very tiny home!

In July of 2015, the house was complete and rolling down the road with a sign in the window “Nashville or Bust!

Coli was soon hired as a Speech-Language Pathologist in a local school district and Ken was quickly hired to perform at the famous “Honky Tonks” on Broadway in Nashville.  Even as he added more country music to his repertoire, he never lost his soulful, funky style. They began to meet friends and build their Nashville music family!

Most recently Kenny P. was seen on Season 12 of NBC’s “The Voice” (2017).

Even though he wasn’t named “the voice” Kenny P. continues to play in Nashville and around the Midwest, with Coli always in the front row!

Today, the P’s live with their two Labradors in “The P Pod Tiny House” just east of the city of Nashville.

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“Soulful singer/songwriter, troubadour and live music enthusiast. Kenny P’s original songs take the listener on a ride, through the years, from Cleveland to Arizona, to Nashville and back again, with many bonfire filled nights spent tipping back a favorite beer or passing the bourbon. He invites you to come along for the ride. The music he writes and performs has a blues and soul vibe with his personal touch of funk.” – Cleveland Music Blogger & Photographer

Video From Season 12 of NBC’s “The Voice”


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