Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Deek Diedricksen was born and raised in the seaside town of Madison, CT. After graduating from Northeastern University he began a career in commercial radio at the legendary CBS station 104.1 WBCN as the evening DJ. Through WBCN, he worked with and hosted the “I Sold My” Television show numerous times for the WB/Warner Brothers Network, appeared on the Channel as a host/interviewer, and hosted Nik Carter’s nationally syndicated radio show (70 cities in the US) “Nothing Sacred”. While simultaneously at WBCN and Northeastern, Derek’s comic strip “The Warped Zone” ran for just under three years in the NU News, a weekly paper, and his subsequent strip “Slugs, Not Hugs” was featured through the well distributed Boston papers The Weekly Dig, and Soundcheck Magazine (R.I.P.). In radio, he additionally worked for WJIB, NU’s WRBB, the legendary, corporate-free WNTN in Newton, MA, (where he had his REAL start in radio), and the pioneering

Deek’s work (both art and carpentry/tiny house building) has also been featured in Worcester’s Pulse Magazine, Tiny House Design Magazine, and on the concert venue flyers of many a band in, and beyond, the Boston area.

His skills don’t stop there though as musically he has toured the US a few times both in bands and as management. He has also played drums for the tribute band Age Against The Machine, which doubles as the original act “Any Given Enemy”. Age Against The Machine has recorded and been involved with the WWE, ECW, The Cartoon Network’s “G.I. Joe”, Video Games, Indie Movies, and Boston Bruins NHL broadcasts. Currently, he fronts the band “Inverter” and has spent long nights in the studio and on tour.

Perhaps what Deek is best known for though is his role in the tiny house/small house/strange house/non-traditional house/cabin/relaxshacks genre.

Deek Diedricksen is the author of Microshelters, hosts the tiny house/tree house-based YouTube channel “RelaxshacksDOTcom” and has hosted, built, and designed for the HGTV series Extreme Small Spaces and Tiny House Builders, as well as for the DIY Network. His work has been featured on the cover of the New York Times Home and Garden section and in the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, the Seattle Times, China’s Bund Pictoral, the Wall Street JournalMake magazine, and Apartment Therapy; on NPR, CBS, PBS, and ABC; and on the homepage of

He has become equally well-known for his brand of hands-on workshops in which the focus is on learning and building rather than just talking about the subject. Hosting events from Vermont to Los Angeles and a number of stops in between, Deek has taught a number of people how to salvage, create, imagine, build, and dwell, while leaving scores of incredible structures in his wake!

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“Using salvaged materials and power tools, Diedricksen creates cozy living spaces filled with artistic touches that you would never expect to see in an average trailer or treehouse. He’ll create colorful patterns of blue and green glass circles on a wall by sawing wine bottles in half. He’s been known to incorporate pickle jars into his designs. That round window that looks like a portal on a ship? That used to be the window on a front-loading washing machine. It’s Mad Magazine, meets This Old House.” -Emily Sweeney, The Boston Globe

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